EFB is the synthesis of many work experience in the field of industrial roofing and metal structural leggere.Utilizzando the most 'modern technology available on the market and its specialized staff, EFB build "tailor-made" for every need and size. The end result is the optimal management of work starting from the design, supply and transportation of materials, until the installation work, all of these steps, which guarantee, since 'managed on their own, a high standard qualitativo.Una thirty years of experience, work performed in thirty countries around the world and our determination to always offer the best service for our customers are the best guarantee of quality.


We provide the knowledge, skills and years of experience from consulting and design to implementation for complete customer satisfaction.
The assets to customers are carried out by following the steps of:

  • Analysis and refinement of the design requirements agreed with the customer
  • Feasibility and safety
  • Choice of the best materials on the market
  • Solution design and its realization
  • Pre-assembly on-site and on-site installation or any support to teams external mounting

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Photographs and videos of our achievements in their place of installation and use.
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Online collection of informative material for our technicians and staff.
Plants, projects, assembly diagrams, operating manuals and maintenance of equipment and forms.